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GPS vs. GPS with Dashcams: Which Should You Choose?

GPS vs. GPS with Dashcams- Which Should You Choose? Blog Image

If you own a fleet-based business, you may already be aware of the benefits of GPS tracking. 

In the past few years, this tech has become indispensable, offering fleet operations managers benefits such as enhanced security, better compliance, easier reporting, and the ability to boost productivity across their business. 

However, that’s certainly not where the power of GPS ends. 

Today’s dashcams automatically capture footage that can completely change the game. For example, if your insurance company calls with an issue, it may be easily cleared up with a well-timed video recording that’s instantly accessible. 

What’s more, a system that pairs GPS with dashcams can even provide driver assistance and night vision mode to enable safer, more efficient driving. 

The benefits you can unlock with GPS tracking and fleet management systems are also changing. In fact, the field’s moving so quickly that it can be difficult to keep up. That’s not a bad thing—better video quality, improved LTE coverage, and the ability to manage and access your fleet via smartphone apps are all incredible features—but it can be overwhelming.

That’s where we come in. We’re dedicated to providing powerful fleet management solutions but also keeping the information you need to succeed as practical and accessible as possible. 

Today’s tip? Pairing your GPS with dashcams is a way to level up your fleet management in very specific ways.


GPS Tracking Alone

Let’s establish a baseline. What do you get when you install GPS trackers without dashcams across your fleet? 

GPS tracking alone can:

  • Give fleet managers visibility into driver efficiency.
  • Provide an easy way to monitor vehicle and asset location in real time.
  • Record mileage, stops, and vehicle condition.
  • Help businesses improve customer service.
  • Even help reduce traffic accidents and lower insurance premiums.

However, if you opt solely for a GPS tracking system without AI-enabled dashcams, in our opinion, you’re missing out. GPS tracking systems are standard at this point. 

What’s truly innovative and exciting? GPS systems with dashcams that “talk” to each other—let’s talk about that! 


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Leveling Up: GPS Tracking with Dashcams

What happens when you add dashcameras for trucks to your fleet management tool kit? 

Just a few of the benefits of pairing GPS tracking with front and rear cameras include:

    • The power to leverage several points of view: Ever wish you or your driver could have eyes in the back of their head? This is how they can! 
    • The ability to monitor and coach your drivers remotely: Many dashcams include AI software that can monitor driver distraction and fatigue and provide in-cab alerts to refocus the driver as necessary. 
    • Instant access to high-quality footage: Recorded footage from your dashcams is automatically uploaded to the cloud and accessed from your fleet management software. This can help protect you and your drivers should a driving incident occur. 
    • Better performance tracking: This can aid with driver training, behavior, and efficiency. Dashcams allow you to be proactive when it comes to preventing accidents and lawsuits. It’ll even open the door to friendly competition and gamification of driving performance, efficiency, and safety. 
  • The ability to stream live dashcam footage: With the latest fleet management software, you can even stream front and rear dashcam footage in real time. This gives you the immediate ability to coach and direct drivers, monitor compliance, reduce accidents, and more! 

Wondering how to get your team on board with this tech? Check out our dashcam acceptance guide!


Making Sure Your GPS with Dashcams Makes Your Job  Easier

With all of those benefits on the table, it would be understandable to think that installing and onboarding a fleet management system that pairs GPS with dashcams is complex. 

In our opinion, that’s one of the things that sets a great fleet management provider apart from the rest. We believe that a great platform of GPS with dashcams should handle fleet management busywork so you can get back to your business. It shouldn’t take hours of frustrating setup. It should be simple to get what you need out of your fleet management solution. 

If simplicity is what you seek, it’s critical to pair powerful hardware solutions with equally powerful software. 

For example, our fleet management dashboard allows you to see all of the hard work your GPS dashcams are doing all in one place. We also built our software to make sure you can manage your fleet with as few clicks as possible—no complicated screens and useless buttons in sight. 


Will GPS with Dashcams Help You Level Up Your Fleet Management? 

Do dashcams seem like an intriguing hardware option to you? Are you interested in experiencing the benefits of systems that pair GPS with dashcams? If boosting your business with dashcam tech and seamless management software is in your future, consider these three steps:

  1. Think about how your business currently operates. Are there any wrinkles in your processes that you would like to iron out? 
  2. Connect with a fleet management provider, and talk about your needs. At ClearPathGPS, we’re always happy to consult with you and discuss or demo ways to reduce friction in your business and add time back into your day. 
  3. Implement GPS with dashcams across your fleet, and start seeing the benefits. Our team will be there for you to make sure you’re getting the most out of your new platform! 

Interested in learning more? Check out our e-book, True Cost of GPS Fleet Tracking: Are You Wasting Money? or read this case study about how investing in dashcams protected one Indiana business from millions of dollars in frivolous lawsuits. 


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