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Breathtaking Landscaping Manages Growth with ClearPathGPS

Breathtaking landscaping realtime gps system success

Breathtaking Landscaping has been helping residential and commercial clients in Santa Barbara county with landscape installation and maintenance services since 2008. Their client base has grown significantly over the last few years and owner Ricardo Godinez has been adding crews as fast as possible to keep up with the growing demand. Ricardo needed better oversight and reporting tools, so he choose ClearPath’s realtime GPS system to better manage that growth.

Realtime GPS System Keeps Multiple Crews on Schedule

Breathtaking maintains well over a hundred properties and ongoing installation projects. With this many locations, and crews moving between them, they rely on the real time fleet status map up on the big 50” screen in the office to see where each crew is and how long they have been onsite at each stop. Our realtime GPS system highlights when crews are on the move, when they’re delayed or leaving a job too early. Ricardo is even able to pull up the location and status of any crew on his iPhone from wherever he is.

Virtual Timecard Report Ensures Proof of Service

The Breathtaking fleet makes numerous stops throughout the day as they complete their routes. Reconciling client billing and driver time cards used to be a labor intensive effort. With our GPS system’s Virtual Timecard report they can run an automated history of every stop, duration, travel time and mileage in a user friendly format with each client’s name that makes reconciliation a breeze. If a customer has a question about time on a job, Ricardo has the answer right at his fingertips.

Controlling Costs While Managing Rapid Growth

With the ClearPathGPS realtime GPS system, Ricardo is able to control fuel costs, automate maintenance tracking and reduce unnecessary labor expenses, which are critical in a fast growing business. When he makes changes or additions to a crew’s route, he can see reports that show him the impact on his scheduling and how efficiently his crews are performing. This allows for improvements that keep his clients happy and keep his bottom line strong. Keeping his crews accountable gives him great peace of mind.

At ClearPathGPS we helps field service businesses—including landscaping companiesplumbersroofers, and HVAC businesses and more—improve their operations and improve their bottom lines. To learn more about how businesses like Breathtaking Landscape benefit from the ClearPathGPS fleet tracking solutions, contact us today

Breathtaking Landscaping uses GPS fleet tracking for better driver oversight…