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Benefits of Having an Automated Fleet Management Solution

Benefits of Having an Automated Fleet Management Solution Blog Image

As the manager of a fleet-based business, few phrases strike fear into your heart more than “traditional tracking.” 

Managing your fleet already requires countless hours, endless paperwork, and constant vigilance.

You don’t always have hours to spare for traditional tracking. Even if you did, you need to be able to do things with your time other than pulling fleet operations reports, maintaining vehicle maintenance records, and processing payroll. 

Automating your fleet management tasks can help.


Can you automate that? What does automation mean for fleet management?

Automated fleet management solutions leverage smart software, trackers, and other tech to accomplish tasks with minimal human involvement. 

Within fleet management, automated solutions can help you stay on top of maintenance, manage your fleet’s fuel usage, train your drivers, keep tabs on their behavior, and more. 

For example, you can set up customized fleet status reports to pop up regularly in your email, perfectly timed and ready for use. These status reports might include: 

  • Virtual time cards
  • Maintenance reports
  • Geofence arrival and departure reports 
  • Fueling events
  • Engine hours

The result? You’ll be able to reduce time card padding, see how much time your techs spend on-site, and know precisely how your drivers use your vehicles. 

You can also set up text or email alerts for things you need to know about your fleet, such as poor driver performance, geofence departures and arrivals, and more. Just some of these alerts might include: 

  • When braking, speeding, or harsh driving occurs
  • Geozone arrival or departure
  • If a GPS tracker gets unplugged
  • When it’s time for maintenance
  • After-hours movement 

Knowing when these events occur in real time empowers you to take action when it counts. These reports and alerts can also help you identify small, data-driven ways to improve efficiency and stop “leaky” practices, which can add up to significant benefits. 


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What are the benefits of having an automated fleet management solution?

In addition to saving time and money, you’ll also achieve the following benefits by integrating automated fleet management solutions



With constantly updated fleet data available to you, you can become aware of potential issues much more quickly. This allows you to schedule preventive maintenance, implement guidelines for your drivers, or pursue other data-driven decisions that put you ahead of the game. 



With automated fleet management tools, you can have one centralized dashboard giving you a complete view of your vehicle locations, stats, and more. And, with prescheduled alerts and reports keeping your focus on what’s essential, you can truly feel like you can have a clear view of your fleet.



If your team knows you’ll get a real-time alert when they perform unsafe driving actions or leave a geofenced area, they’re much less likely to engage in unhelpful behaviors. This can also help you incentivize outstanding performance and hold people accountable for their actions as needed. 


Increased Safety

With accurate, easy-to-review maintenance reports sent straight to your inbox and real-time data alerts about driving events, you can promote safety throughout your fleet in several ways. For example, you can provide real-time assistance to drivers in dangerous situations, keep your vehicles’ issues well under control so they’re more reliable on the road, and use performance data to provide driver safety modules to help reduce the risk of unsafe driving.


How do automated fleet management solutions boost your business?

With automated reports, prescheduled alerts, and your ability to cultivate a company environment of accountability and visibility, your business can expect: 

  • Better use of its assets: Since you’ll have clear insights into the way you use your vehicles, you can make highly informed decisions about vehicle replacement, acquisition, and more. 
  • Enhanced compliance: It’ll be easier for your business to comply with all applicable safety standards and regulations because you’ll have the tools to monitor and report compliance-related data. 
  • Increased customer satisfaction: As your fleet gets safer, your team becomes more efficient, and you can provide reliable information about your services, and your customer service will improve. 

Even better: Realizing these benefits for your business doesn’t have to be difficult. 

In fact, we’ve seen automated fleet management solutions make life far easier for drivers and fleet managers, even as they see efficiency and productivity soar. 


Ready to achieve the benefits of automated fleet management? 

When you’re ready to make your fleet management solutions work harder for you, ClearPathGPS has your back.

Our fleet management tools are intuitive, powerful, and easy to set up. We make it incredibly easy for you to schedule reports within our system, set up alerts, and more. 

If you need help, our friendly, responsive team will be there for you in minutes. Our goal is to make strategic fleet management straightforward! 

Interested in seeing how it works? Request a demo. Or, if you would like to learn more about what fleet management can do for you, check out our guide.


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