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ServiceTitan and ClearPathGPS Fleet Tracking Data Integration

How ClearPathGPS Adds Massive Value to Your ServiceTitan Account

For a field-service business like yours, ServiceTitan can be an invaluable piece of software. It can function as your CRM, inventory management system, even a point-of-sale order solution for your techs at jobsites. 

By integrating ClearPathGPS, your ServiceTitan Dispatch Board will come to life! You’ll see not only where your field techs were at their most recent jobsite arrival… but also the path they took, how long they spent there, and where they’re heading now.

In fact, by adding live GPS fleet tracking to ServiceTitan, you’ll unlock a wealth of other valuable data that your company can use to improve your business operations. Here are just some of the ways the ClearPathGPS integration adds serious value to ServiceTitan account:

1. Gain a real-time view of all your vehicles 

By integrating live vehicle tracking from ClearPathGPS, your team can add an up-to-the-minute view of your field techs’ locations to your ServiceTitan Dispatch Board.

If a new job order comes in—particularly a rush, or a request from a VIP customer—you can find the closest tech to that location in seconds. Your ClearPathGPS popup data will even show you how long each field employee has been at their current location. No more having to call around and ask where your employees and how much longer they expect their current job will take.

2. Generate automated, accurate timecards 

ClearPathGPS tracks your vehicles at all times, and can even track your drivers if they share company vehicles. That means you’ll have data showing exactly when your field techs arrive at each jobsite, how long they spend there, and when they leave. And that means you can use ClearPathGPS to automatically generate timecards for every field employee—accurate to the minute.

3. Monitor how your drivers are treating your fleet 

Do you know which of your field techs are speed demons? Which ones brake or accelerate too aggressively? Which ones leave your engine idling while they sit in your cab? These habits could be costing your company money, even threatening your reputation. But with the ClearPathGPS integration into your ServiceTitan account, you can monitor at all times for any of these behaviors—so you can take action to correct them before they cause any real harm.

What the ClearPathGPS-ServiceTitan Integration Means for your Business 

When you add ClearPathGPS to your ServiceTitan platform, you’ll see benefits right away, including:

  • Faster, Easier Dispatch
    With real-time visibility into the exact location of all of a company’s vehicles and crews, your team can dispatch faster, more efficiently, and provide more accurate arrival estimates to clients and customers.
  • More Completed Jobs
    Real-time tracking and live traffic updates ensure that crews and techs take the fastest routes possible, reduce unsanctioned stops and get jobs done at a lower cost.
  • Lower Fleet Costs
    Tracking your vehicles at all times, through the ClearPathGPS app, can help lower fuel costs, reduce unnecessary overtime, and improve customer satisfaction—all of which go right straight to your company’s bottom line.

Learn how integrating ClearPathGPS with ServiceTitan
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How ClearPathGPS Adds Massive Value to Your ServiceTitan Account For…