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Take Your GPS Dispatching to a Whole New Level

Take Your GPS Enhanced Dispatching to Another Level

Servicetitan integration with clearpathgpsHow ClearPathGPS and ServiceTitan are changing the way Home Service Businesses are managing their fleets.

For generations, the responsibility of the dispatcher was fairly straightforward: make sure trucks out on the road get to where they need to be to serve their customers.

This is still true for dispatchers in the home services industry, but we are now living in a moment where technology is empowering us to be smarter about the way we dispatch. Dynamic fleet management technology and comprehensive business software now make it possible for dispatchers to contribute to better customer service, keep drivers safer, and even make greater profits.

Below, let’s take a look at four high-level dispatcher decisions that are now possible thanks to the advantages ClearPathGPS and ServiceTitan offer.

Dispatching for Efficiency

According to the latest numbers, Americans spend a whopping 14.5 million hours every day in traffic. This, unfortunately, includes tradespeople in their trucks trying to get to their next job.

In the past, traffic was an unavoidable reality for home service professionals. A bad traffic jam (whether caused by weather, a local event, a serious accident, construction, or other disruption) could throw a whole day’s schedule out of whack—and not to mention disappoint a whole lot of customers waiting to be serviced.

New solutions, however, are making these kinds of headaches a thing of the past. Real time GPS tracking software can find alternate routes fast and show both drivers and dispatchers where the congestion is occurring. That allows professionals not only to get out of their bumper-to-bumper route but to avoid it all day until it clears up, as well.

Better trip efficiency isn’t just better for keeping up with your schedule, either. An Aberdeen Group study found that fleets using GPS technology can save more than 13% in their fuel expenses. A HUB International Insurance survey also found that small businesses could save anywhere from five to 25% in insurance coverage when their fleet is GPS-enabled.

And in the event there is a delay, you don’t have to leave your customer in the lurch. New customer profile technology allows you to send the customer text alerts and even let them track their assigned truck on road, keeping them in the loop as they wait to be serviced.

Dispatching for Customer Service

Imagine the following scenario as a dispatcher: you have your schedule set for your trucks that day and everything is running smoothly. Suddenly, a call comes in. A customer is experiencing an emergency, a flooded basement. Not only is this a loyal customer, but they also signed up for one of your maintenance agreements, which promises preferred service.

Home service businesses deal with these types of dilemmas all the time—and often at the expense of their customers. With new GPS and dispatching technologies, however, it’s easier to minimize the disruption these emergency calls can cause and keep customers taken care of.

With a live map of their fleet, dispatchers can now identify which tech is closest to the emergency. Rerouting is a cinch and customers can be easily updated via text about the new arrival time of their tech. This kind of system-wide responsiveness allows your company to address the customer in urgent need of service as quickly as possible while reducing its impact on the rest of your scheduled workday.

Dispatching for Profit

Essentially, dispatching for profit is dispatching strategy that calls for matching your techs to particular jobs that are likely to yield revenue. For instance, if you know that a tech has been particularly good at selling x product, a dispatcher could assign them to a service call that likely requires a replacement or upgrade of that product. Dispatching for profit can also mean prioritizing calls that are likely to yield revenue while keeping non-paying calls (free inspections, warranty calls, etc) more flexible.

To effectively dispatch for profit, your dispatcher needs to know:

  • The general nature and/or severity of the customer’s issue
  • Some basic strengths and weaknesses of each of your techs
  • Whether or not the customer was recently serviced by your company
  • If the call involves a free service of some kind (warranty repair, free inspection, etc.)

This can be a lot of ask of a dispatcher, but with the right digital tools, even rookies can make responsive, revenue-driven dispatch decisions for your company. There are software solutions that will allow your CSRs to take notes on incoming calls, compile detailed job histories on individual customers, and even quickly review a tech’s success rate with a particular job type. With that kind of information at your dispatcher’s fingertips, it’s easy to make sure your fleet is out there making the most of every call they respond to.

Dispatching for Nimbleness

Every business has to deal with unexpected disruptions to their daily operations. How these businesses respond to these curveballs can decide how successful their day, week, or quarter can be.

This is especially true for the home services. Dispatchers and techs regularly have to respond to last-minute changes in their schedule. A customer gets tied up at work and can’t make it home in time for an appointment. A tech is under the weather or needs to respond to a family emergency. A truck gets a flat tire or gets into a fender bender.

When you’re trying to make sure your fleet is responding to and completing as many jobs as possible, these minor occurrences can put a major dent in your team’s productivity. However, with an intuitive Dispatch Board, your dispatcher can make sure that these holes in your fleet’s coverage are plugged as quickly and efficiently as possible.

With ServiceTitan’s Dispatch Board, dispatchers maintain tech schedules with a simple drag and drop of the mouse. Jobs that need to be rescheduled are easily shifted further down the calendar and jobs that go longer than expected can be simply extended on the day’s current schedule. Best of all, the Dispatch Board allows dispatchers and techs to communicate via SMS text, so your team is always in touch with each other and always making sure they are staying nimble to the inevitable curveballs that get thrown their way.

About Service Titan

ServiceTitan is the #1 home and field service management software and a proud partner of ClearPathGPS. To learn more about how our partnership with Service Titan can help your plumbing, HVAC, or electrical service business make better, smarter dispatch decisions, contact us today.