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5 Fleet Manager SuperPowers

Fleet Manager at a desk talking on the phone to one of her crew.








It’s Time to Acknowledge the Unsung Hero of Every Fleet-Driven Business: Fleet Managers

Fleet Managers may not wear capes or codpieces, but don’t be fooled. They do a job that most of us mere mortals would fail at miserably. Here’s a list of the most important powers you need to do a Fleet Manager’s job.

As you read the traits below, if you feel even a little less than superhuman, don’t worry. You can boost your skills to hero levels in a snap — just by adding the right gps fleet tracking solution

1. The ability to see through time and space. 

A motorist calls with a complaint. “One of your drivers,” they say, “cut me off and almost forced me off the road. He could have killed me and my kids!”

The motorist tells you it happened at the corner of 5th and Main at 3:45 PM yesterday. With the ability to see through time and space, you can see in your mind’s eye that the only vehicle that was near 5th and Main yesterday at 3:45 was vehicle 11, which was being driven by your newest driver, Lex.

Or, you can rely on ClearPathGPS’s real-time GPS tracking solution. Plotting your vehicles on the map, you can see who was close and if you also have ClearPathGPS’s Dashcam video solution, you could also look at the video showing Lex spilling a bag of Peanut M&Ms between the seats at 3:44 PM and while distracted, nearly hitting a terrified looking motorist. Case closed. Time to call Lex and remind him about the company’s policies around eating in company vehicles and “educate” him on the hazards of distracted driving.

2. A superhuman eye for detail.

To be a successful fleet manager, you need to know pretty much everything noteworthy that’s happening with each of your company’s vehicles. Which ones are coming up on mileage milestones? Which are due for maintenance in 3 months or 3,000 miles? Of course, if you have a fleet management system like that provided by ClearPathGPS, you could receive an alert when the vehicle hits the odometer reading or the date for scheduled maintenance

And that’s just for starters. You’ll also need to track all sorts of other details, to make sure your company is:

  • Complying with all Department of Transportation rules and regulations.

  • Monitoring driver behavior both to protect your company’s operations and reputation, and to maintain a high level of customer service.

  • Minimizing downtime and maintaining schedules by adjusting your drivers’ job and routes to accommodate vehicles taken out of service for maintenance or repairs.

Two ways to capture all this data: fall into a pool of radioactive waste and develop a superhuman eye for detail, or install the right GPS tracking solution on your company’s vehicles.

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3. Judgement so good it’s eerie.

When a customer calls with a new job, you need to know immediately which field service tech to dispatch to that site.

But in most cases, coming up with the best answer isn’t as simple as knowing which driver happens to be closest, although keeping track of those details alone takes an impressive memory, or a commercial GPS tracking solution. You’ll also need to apply outstanding judgment in real-time as you weigh several other key business factors. For example:

  • If this job represents a potentially large and lucrative new customer, which field tech will help your business make the best first impression? Who’s the most skilled at this type of work? Is that person available?
  • Which of your drivers have reliable on-time records — and is one of them nearby and available soon? The last thing you want to do is assign a notoriously late service rep to a new customer who could represent a lot of repeat business!

How are you going to hone the reliability of your real-time judgment in these situations? One easy answer: Roll out a fleet tracking solution, and receive the info in detailed reports that are always at your fingertips.

4. A legendary sense of spatial awareness.

Before you can even think through which driver to send to which job site, you need to really know your geography. You need a strong understanding of timing, distance, and traffic patterns. In short, you need a legendary sense of spatial awareness.

You won’t see that on a fleet manager’s job description. Most people in your company probably don’t even realize that you’d test off-the-charts for this skill. But they depend on it every day. 

Your colleagues depend on you knowing where Frank and his truck are right now, how many miles that is from the site of the new request that just popped up, whether Frank can make it in time… and whether there might be a better way to send him because you know a shortcut.

Again, two options: develop spatial-awareness superpowers, or get a fleet tracking solution to monitor your vehicles every minute of the day.

5. A super human sense of smell when it comes to bul#@$t. 

Fleet managers also have the thankless but mission-critical responsibility of ensuring drivers are behaving responsibly and professionally out in the field, and not putting the company’s vehicles and reputation at risk every time they head out to a job site.

Without real data, you’ll need to just know — somehow — when a service tech is treating your truck like a race car. You’ll have to find some way of knowing when a driver is braking too late and too hard, going too fast around corners, speeding, or leaving your truck’s engine idling for no good reason. Or maybe you have a driver who decided to use the company vehicle to do a little side work or a personal project, then fib about it after the fact.

Now, if you have a super human bul#@$t detector, you could just ask your drivers whether they’re treating your company vehicles with care. But if you don’t have that infallible skill, you could also easily install GPS vehicle trackers — and get all of these details as hard data.

GPS Vehicle Tracking: Strengthen Your Superpowers

One final thought. Even superheroes need a command center with the tools and resources to fight crime and save the day. One of the most valuable tools available to fleet managers — and one that can help enhance all of the superpowers we’ve discussed in this post — is GPS vehicle tracking. 

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5 Superpowers Fleet Managers Need It’s Time to Acknowledge the…