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5 Ways Equipment Tracking Improves Customer Satisfaction


If you're an operator of a business in the field service industry, your team likely spends a ton of time interacting with customers. Depending on how these customer interactions go, they are either helping or hurting your business’s ability to operate smoothly—and most importantly—scale year over year. You may be thinking, how does equipment tracking improve customer satisfaction? Here are five ways it can promote customer retention. 

1. Equipment Tracking Promotes Faster Arrivals

There's nothing worse for your customer than something going wrong unexpectedly. Especially in more serious scenarios, you need to deploy a technician as quickly as possible. Equipment tracking can give you a look at where your trucks are, and who can get to the customer's location quickly to work out the issue. 

With fast arrivals, your customers will know they can trust you to come in and save the day when a crisis strikes. That positive, client-based approach will result in customer loyalty year over year. 

2. Real-Time Updates

Have you ever had to take a half-day off from work just to wait for the repairman to stop by for 30 minutes? Pushing four-hour time windows isn't going to support a positive customer experience. With equipment tracking, real-time updates give more accurate timeframes for your team and for your customers. That way, your drivers are efficient and can help as many customers as possible without interrupting their day. Now, that's a customer service win everyone can get behind. You can expect your dedicated fans to tell their family and friends about your stellar customer support, keeping customer retention high and bringing in new customers with ease.

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3. Fewer Billing Issues

Billing disputes can bring unnecessary stress for a service business owner. How many times has a customer said your employee never showed? Or a customer said that the employee wasn’t there as long as they said they were? When you have equipment tacking throughout your entire fleet, you'll never have to second guess again. Simply verify the timestamps from the tracking device to share that with the customer, so that they see the data. This works out in the customer's favor, too. Especially in scenarios where you provide billing supported with timestamps in case an issue arises. This not only gives your employees peace of mind but your customers, too. 

4. Lower Bids, Happier Customers

Equipment tracking software has proven time and again to lower costs for businesses that utilize all of the capabilities. Did you know the reports you get with fleet tracking improve the profitability of your business? In fact, equipment tracking can help you win more business because you can lower bids due to saving time per visit on-site, which maximizes time and profits.

Not only does the save time for your service techs, so you're able to do more work each day, but you can also add more stops to your tech's agenda because they are using the top features of their fleet tracking device to make the most of their day. That said, you could do even more business without increasing your staff, dramatically changing your ROI year over year.

5. Equipment Tracking Provides Superior Reputation

You put your reputation on the line every time your drivers hit the road. Nothing is more off-putting than a service technician speeding and driving recklessly through a residential neighborhood. This could look bad to customers who may be looking for a landscaper, plumber, or electrician.

As a business owner, it's important to take advantage of all features and functions of an equipment tracking device to promote a positive brand experience for new potential customers. That way, you'll know that your brand is known for safety and doing a great job for its customers. There's nothing better than a positive reputation in your community, and tracking your fleet is a great way to keep that reputation high. 

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