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GPS Fleet Tracking Protects Your Brand—Here's How

GPS Fleet Tracking Protects Your Brand. Heres How Blog Image

Think of the last time you saw unsafe, unprofessional, or unkind driving in the wild. 

Perhaps you saw a service van cut someone off at the last second, or you noticed a truck come dangerously close to causing an accident at an intersection near your home. 

To put it mildly, that isn’t a good look for anyone, including the business repped by that truck. 

As a business leader, you know the importance of maintaining a positive reputation in your community. That reputation gets you more jobs. 

Many overlook how visible fleet vehicles are and how much of an impression their actions make. That’s their loss. 

It’s also your opportunity because your vehicles are moving advertisements for your company. Poor driving behavior can quickly tarnish your reputation. On the flip side, your fleet can also be a positive presence that quietly works to build your company’s image. 


GPS fleet tracking builds your business’s brand in these four ways.

Bad driving puts people at risk—and makes them frustrated, angry, and generally on edge. You don’t want your company associated with any of those negative emotions. Since we know bad driving also reflects poorly on your company, it’s time to take action. 

GPS fleet tracking can help. 

Here’s how: 


1. GPS fleet tracking helps you monitor driver behavior. 

You can’t work to change unhelpful driving behaviors if you don’t know they’re happening in the first place. Your first step has to start with data collection. With modern GPS tracking devices installed across your fleet—and real-time alerts informing you of unsafe driving events—you can see how your drivers are performing at a glance. 


2. GPS fleet tracking can help you improve driver behavior. 

If you’ve realized that your driving team could stand to work on their driving habits, it may be time to provide training and implement guidelines. GPS tracking can help you give feedback to your drivers during training and even provide a framework for gamifying great driving across your team long term. 


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3. GPS fleet tracking enables proactive vehicle health monitoring. 

Poor vehicle performance isn’t always due to unhelpful driving habits. You need to make sure your vehicles are working well before you put them on the road. But monitoring and maintaining every vehicle takes a lot of time and mental bandwidth. Today’s GPS trackers keep tabs on vehicle health stats for you, so you can catch minor issues before they become big problems. 


4. GPS fleet trackers empower stellar customer service. 

Looking for those five-star reviews? The best ways to increase customer satisfaction with a fleet-based business include communicating precise arrival times, arriving on time, and managing invoicing correctly. GPS tracking can help with each of these goals. 

Of course, GPS tracking benefits go beyond customer satisfaction and safe driving. 


GPS fleet tracking also offers branding-adjacent benefits—which one’s your favorite? 

Excellent fleet management and GPS tracking lead to a world of benefits. 

These other effects of tracking may not directly impact your brand. But, by increasing profits and efficiency, you’ll have more time to concentrate on driver training, fleet maintenance, and other fleet management tasks that do affect your reputation. 

Just a few of the benefits of GPS fleet tracking benefits that we haven’t already addressed include: 

  • Fuel cost savings: With GPS tracking, you and your team can identify and take more efficient routes—especially with strategic integrations with routing software such as Route4Me—and work on reducing harsh driving behaviors. This leads to less wasted fuel. 
  • Reduced fleet theft (and potential not-on-brand behaviors): Whether it’s inefficient routing, employee use of business vehicles for side gigs, or actual theft of your vehicles by a third party, putting a stop to any type of fleet theft reduces the chances of bad-looking driving events associated with your vehicles. 
  • Reduced insurance premiums: When drivers are on their best behavior, insurance companies often take notice. After you’ve worked to improve driver performance throughout your team, you may be able to negotiate a lower rate with your insurer, which can save you even more money. 


Interested in learning more about GPS fleet tracking and better branding? 

Onboarding feature-rich—yet easy-to-use—GPS tracking and fleet management tech can make a lot of aspects of running your business a lot easier.

Doing this can also reduce the chances that your vehicles will be involved in dangerous driving events and increase the quality of your driver behavior and customer service. 

If you’re ready to boost your business branding with accessible, practical, and powerful fleet management solutions, we’re ready to help. ClearPathGPS offers those solutions and, even better, works closely with fleet-based businesses nationwide to ensure they’re using GPS fleet tracking as strategically as possible. 

We can’t wait to learn more about your business and help you brainstorm ways to level up logistics through GPS fleet tracking. Schedule a demo, or read more about what we offer by downloading our e-book, Choosing ClearPathGPS as Your Fleet Management Solution Provider.


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