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Pivotal Ways Fleet Dashcams Protect Your Business

Pivotal Ways Fleet Dashcams Protect Your Business Blog Image

Looking for ways to reduce litigation against your company (and the associated costs)? Want to level up your approach to driver safety and find new ways to invest in your customer relationships? 

Dashcams with AI and GPS tech can help. Here are just a few ways fleet dashcams can protect your business.


The High Cost of Accident Litigation for Businesses

If your business depends on efficient fleet operation, it’s easy to feel that potential accident litigation lurks in the background, threatening to harm your business. 

This is a reasonable fear to have. The financial consequences of accident litigation can be steep, totaling thousands to millions in costs. If you’re responsible for an accident, you’ll also be responsible for:

  • Legal fees
  • The damages incurred in the accident
  • Increased insurance premiums 
  • A damaged company reputation

If one of your vehicles is in an accident, there will be an investigation to uncover who is at fault. If you’re equipped with specific, powerful ways to demonstrate that your driver wasn’t responsible for the accident, you can save game-changing amounts of money and protect your reputation from potentially irreparable harm. 


The Immediate Value of Investment in Fleet Dashcams: A Case Study

While the up-front cost of fleet dashcams can seem significant, they will pay for themselves

We’re not just saying this. We’ve seen it. 

Merrell Brothers, a national biosolids management company, needed to fight a false claim made against a member of its team. With ClearPathGPS dashcam footage, the company was able to prove, unequivocally, that its driver was in the clear. If it hadn’t had that evidence, the company would have faced potential legal fees, increased insurance premiums, and damage to its reputation. 

Because it had dashcams, the company didn’t have to go through any of that. 

The takeaway is simple: Even if you prevent just one false claim, your dashcams can pay for themselves many times over. (And that’s just the monetary gains.) 


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Fleet Dashcams Protect Your Employees and Your Community Too 

Fleet dashcams can do far more than just protect your bottom line. They also protect your business’s most valuable asset: your employees.

Dashcams encourage drivers to drive more safely. Safe driving, of course, isn’t just good for business—it’s also good for the humans involved. With fewer accidents happening, staff morale will rise, and everyone will be happier. 

The benefits don’t end there. Incentivizing responsible driving through dashcam use contributes to road safety for everyone. And the dashcam footage you capture can even assist in investigating accidents that your drivers aren’t involved in at all, which supports local safety too. 

Finally, the simple fact that you’re using dashcams relays a strong message to the public. It shows that you’re committed to accountability, safety, and well-being both inside your company and outside of it. Your clients and your community will appreciate it! 


Using AI Technology for Truly Proactive Fleet Management

Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing many industries. 

Fleet management is one such industry. AI technology plays a pivotal role in the way modern dashcams protect your business. No longer are they simply recording devices. Now, they’re proactive fleet management solutions. 

For example, since AI-powered dashcams use AI in concert with video recording, these dashcams can analyze footage in real-time. This provides several benefits, including: 

  • Identification of potential safety hazards in real time
  • Post-trip analyses to uncover and address safety concerns
  • Real-time alerts when unhelpful driver behaviors, such as distracted driving, occur
  • The ability to use real-time data and in-cab driver coaching to provide helpful feedback for drivers in the moment 

The shift to using AI-empowered tech is helping fleet managers embrace a key shift too. Now, fleet management can move from being reactive to being proactive. Instead of waiting for accidents to happen, fleet managers can address risks before they endanger people. This significantly boosts safety, reduces accidents, enhances company culture, and mitigates preventable business costs. 


Monitoring Driver Behavior Using Dashcams with GPS Tracking: A Case Study

With the critical combo of dashcams with GPS tracking and AI technologies installed, fleet managers can take an entirely new approach to driver behavior and safety training.

Transmark Cartage Services saw this writing on the wall and leaped at the opportunity to elevate its existing GPS fleet tracking system. The company wanted to be able to monitor driver behavior in real-time to bolster its defense against false claims.

After implementing dashcams, Transmark could see exactly what really happened in tricky driving situations, an asset that helped the company out of a few insurance issues that could easily have devolved into “he said, she said” disputes. Having clear dashcam footage helped Transmark exonerate drivers, protect business, and assist with community safety initiatives. 


Unleash the Power of Dashcams: A Win for Your Business and Community

Dashcams with AI technology and GPS tracking can change the game for your business. 

If you like the sound of protecting your business from:

  • Costly accidents
  • Dangerous driving
  • Unfounded lawsuits
  • Reputation damage
  • And more ...

... while you’re investing in company and community safety, then it’s a good time to consider the long-term value fleet dashcams bring to your business. 

ClearPathGPS can help you understand precisely how to integrate dashcams into your daily operations. Reach out to our team for a demo today, or download our free resource, The Secret to Gaining Dashcam Acceptance.


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