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5 Reasons Businesses Choose ClearPathGPS

5 Reasons Businesses Choose ClearPathGPS as their GPS Fleet Tracking System

When looking at possible GPS fleet tracking systems for your operations, it’s easy to become overwhelmed as many companies offer vehicle and asset tracking services. Even more confusing – most of them make similar claims about how they can improve your business, plus features, functionality and pricing is fairly similar. 

So you might feel like just throwing up your hands and picking one. Maybe the one that’s part of a huge international corporation.. or maybe the one offering the best deal. Or maybe if you are already using a system, its almost easier to just stay with them even though you’re not happy with their service or support. After all, they are all basically the same anyways, aren’t they?

Nope, not all system providers are quite the same. In fact there are huge differences among GPS fleet tracking systems—in ease of use, capabilities, and customer support, to name just a few. It’s important to understand these differences because they will determine how much your operations benefit from the GPS fleet tracking service you select.

Here are 5 key reasons field services businesses including electricians, plumbing companies, roofers, landscapers, HVAC companies and more—choose to work with ClearPathGPS.

1. We’re here to help you succeed, not pressure you to buy.

“Many other GPS system providers have been pounding on our door with ‘special’ offers and a high pressure sales pitch. [ClearPathGPS] is more of a business ally, not a fast talking salesman going hard for the commission.”

Brian, with the Baltimore landscaping company Columbia Grounds Management, added that note to his 5-star ClearpathGPS fleet tracking review on Capterra. What Brian is describing here is how every ClearPathGPS team member treats our customers. We’re here to help you find just the right combination of GPS fleet tracking services that’ll help you improve your company’s operations. You won’t find any high-pressure sales pitches, only GPS fleet experts who want to understand the challenges you are looking to solve, and help your operations get better results. 

2. Getting up and running on ClearPathGPS is very easy.

“The program is clear and easy to understand and has all the information I need at my fingertips.”

That’s a quote from Jennifer, a dispatcher for a midsize construction company, in her 5-star ClearPathGPS review on Capterra.  One of the things that makes ClearPathGPS fleet tracking such an appealing partner is that we make getting started so simple.  As part of our ClearPath to Success methodology, our customers benefit from:

  • Ideal contracts:
    The most flexible pricing plans in the industry, which we can customize based on your needs. Including the option for just a month-to-month and suspend anytime… along with a 30-day, risk-free guarantee.

  • Hands-on training and onboarding:
    Our team assists in helping configure your system to make sure you’re up and running quickly. Plus ,you’ll find a wealth of easy-to-use guides and tips in our online training portal—everything you need to get your team comfortable with the system.
  • Easy-to-use desktop platform and Mobile app:
    The ClearPathGPS desktop app is so intuitive that your dispatcher—or whoever in your office wants to monitor your fleet assets in the field—will be able to get up and running on the system in just minutes. Also incredibly user-friendly, our mobile app allows you to monitor your vehicles, heavy equipment, and crews even when you’re away from the office.
  • Ongoing expert guidance:
    If you ever need help with your ClearPathGPS platform, our outstanding US-based customer success and support team is always here to guide you. We also regularly send our customers tips and tricks for getting the most of their ClearPathGPS system. 

3. Our system just… works.

The ClearPathGPS system is so reliable, you won’t even have to think about it. That’s what customers Diego and Brittany said about ClearPathGPS in their 5-star reviews on Capterra:

“… user friendly and works fine every day we access it without crashing.”  —  Diego B., with a large cosmetics company
“… gets the job done and works flawlessly!”     Brittany P., with a  midsized hospitality business

What you’ll hear over and over when you talk with ClearPathGPS customers is that our system just works. It doesn’t crash, it doesn’t freeze, and it always gets you the data you need right away vs. waiting for a report to be processed.   Another benefit our customers speak about is the accuracy of the data they get from ClearPathGPS. As Bram from Santa Barbara Pest Control points out in his Capterra review (also 5 stars):

 “… the data is extremely accurate. We tried another service which was tied into each tech’s cellphones, and it was not accurate at all, and so it wasn’t very useful.”

When you want to know exactly where your drivers and vehicles are, at all times, data accuracy is going to make a difference. And ClearPathGPS has you covered there. We take great pride in continuously monitoring, and improving our platform to ensure the highest level of service and results for our customers.

4. You get real insights into what’s happening with your fleet.

GPS fleet tracking services help businesses monitor their assets in the field. But the GPS companies that go above and beyond also offer their customers more insights, more useful information about their vehicles and their drivers. And the best ones offer this information in whichever way is most convenient for each customer. Case in point: Bob, from the trucking company Ventura Highway, had this to say about ClearPathGPS in his 5-star review on Software Advice:

I especially like the daily Speeding reports and virtual timecard reports I get sent to my inbox and that are there waiting for me each morning. It keeps the drivers honest and makes my job easier.

With ClearPathGPS, you can also generate a wide range of other data that can give you key insights into your operations and improve your bottomline. A few examples include:

  • Real-time alerts on the movement (or even engine-startups) of your vehicles
  • Live map views of your fleet, with drill-down capabilities for details on each asset
  • Geofencing around areas where your assets spend their time, such as job sites or your business’s lot
  • Virtual timecards automatically generated from your field techs’ movements in the field

5. Our customer service is the best in the industry.

This might be the single biggest factor in partnering with ClearPathGPS instead of other fleet tracking services.  Our customers stick with us year after year for the reasons above, and the many other benefits that set our solution apart. But in many cases, our customers initially choose us because of our reputation for outstanding US-based customer support and our focus on ensuring the success of our customer. 

Businesses doing research often visit the major software-review sites. And what companies find when they search these sites for GPS fleet tracking systems is that ClearPathGPS has a huge list of thrilled customers who couldn’t be happier with our service and support. But don’t take our word for it. See what customers just like you have to say about their experiences with our support team. Look at the hundreds of 5-star ratings and glowing reviews for ClearPathGPS on TrustPilot, Capterra, and Software Advice

So while finding GPS fleet tracking service providers is not tough. Finding a true partner that’s focused on your success – that’s what is really key, and what ClearPathGPS is all about.

At ClearPathGPS, we are focused on helping our customers improve their operations and bottomline. Our top-rated GPS fleet tracking solutions provide real-time data insights and tools needed to more effectively manage the vehicles, people, and assets businesses send into the field everyday. Can ClearPathGPS help your operations get better results? Let’s find out – request a demo or contact us today!