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5 Ways GPS Tracking Can Improve Customer Satisfaction

5 Ways GPS Tracking Improves Customer Satisfaction

One of The Many Benefits of GPS Vehicle Tracking is Improving Customer ServiceIf you run any sort of business in the field service industry, your team likely spends a ton of time interacting with customers. Like, all day every day.  Depending on how these customer interactions go, they are either helping or hurting  your business’s ability to operate smoothly, and most importantly grow!

The good news is GPS vehicle tracking can help you improve customer service, and as a direct result, your bottomline. Lets take a quick look at how!

How GPS Tracking Helps Improve Customer Satisfaction

1. Faster Arrivals

When a customer has an emergency, your GPS fleet tracking can help you identify the closest technicians and come to their rescue faster.

2. Real-Time Updates

There is nothing more frustrating than having to take half a day off of work to wait at home for a repairman. Four-hour arrival windows will not make your customers happy. However, when your GPS tracking can provide your customers with realistic arrival times, it’s a HUGE customer service win.

3. Fewer Billing Issues

How many times have you had a customer say your employee never showed or wasn’t there as long as he said he was? When you’ve got GPS tracking on your fleet, you not only have your employees’ backs in the event of a dispute. You also can provide your customer with accurate billing backed by proof. Being able to give peace of mind to your customers in this way is customer service gold.

4. Lower Bids

Fleet tracking software has been proven time and again to lower costs for businesses that truly take advantage of its capabilities. The reports you get with fleet tracking software don’t just improve profitability. GPS fleet tracking can help you win more business because you’re able to move your bids lower. (And potentially even do more business with the same amount of staff because you are more effectively routing them!)

5. Rocking Reputation

You put your reputation on the line every time your drivers hit the road. Moreover, unsafe driving on neighborhood streets can leave potential clients with a bad taste in their mouths about your business. The “halo effect” of GPS fleet devices on your workers in the field will give your company’s halo an extra shine and maybe even make the phone ring more often with new clients whom you impressed with your team’s safe driving.

We all know providing the best customer service possible is key to growing and sustaining a successful business. With GPS fleet tracking, ensuring customer satisfaction is just that much easier, with the added bonus of contributing to growing your bottomline.

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