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7 Questions to Ask Before Selecting a GPS Fleet Tracking Provider

Partnering with the right GPS fleet tracking provider can completely transform your experience with tracking (and its bottom-line-boosting benefits). 

Fortunately, selecting the right provider isn’t complicated. You just need to look for a few specific things that can indicate a good relationship with your future GPS fleet tracking team. Even better news? We’re here to help you get those need-to-know details. Here’s what to look for as you’re researching potential providers.


Before Signing on the Dotted Line, Ask Yourself These Questions

As it turns out, doing a little up-front research can save you time, frustration, and money. Focus your attention on these factors: 

1. What do previous or current customers say about a company’s GPS fleet tracking service?

Instead of starting with the provider’s confident marketing copy, head to the customer reviews first. (Hint: For reliable reviews on external sites, read the reviews on Capterra, Software Advice, and Trustpilot.)

Are the people writing reviews happy? Do they seem satisfied, or are they counting the days until they can get out of their multi-year contracts? 

Use this information to narrow your list of candidates before you look at a features comparison table. 


2. Will you get locked into a long-term, multi-year contract? 

Figuring out the type and length of your contract is critical. 

Before signing with any GPS fleet tracking vendor, make sure you can try their service without getting locked into a long-term commitment. (Do this even if you think you like everything you see!) 

3. Will you be able to suspend your service when you don’t need it?

We get it: Business ebbs and flows, and it isn’t fun to pay for a service you don’t need during an off-season. 

Some GPS fleet tracking providers understand this and allow you to suspend service during months when you don’t use your fleet as much. This not only saves you money but also indicates that the company understands your needs and goes out of its way to give you practical benefits (like cost savings). In the heart of the COVID-19 pandemic, ClearPathGPS customers were able to save thousands of dollars when their operations came to a standstill.

4. Will the company offer you a money-back guarantee?

Let’s say you’re not locked into a multi-year contract and decide to part ways with your GPS fleet tracking provider after a month or two. What happens to your initial investment?

Working with a company that will refund your payment if you’re not satisfied reduces your risk. This type of policy also shows that the company is confident in its ability to get you what you need. 


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5. What types of clientele do you need to satisfy?

If you run a local or regional field service company with a relatively small fleet, your needs will probably be different from huge, publicly traded firms and logistics providers. Your customers may expect more time and attention, meaning you may need more support. 

Ask your potential provider about how they support businesses of all sizes, small or large. You need to make sure your GPS fleet tracking provider understands and prioritizes both your needs and the needs of your client base. 

6. What type of customer support will be most helpful for you? 

Leveraging GPS fleet tracking systems to their full potential can require a hefty dose of specialized knowledge. To unlock the real benefits of working with a GPS fleet tracking provider, your provider needs to help you with timely, proactive, and thoughtful support. 

Check out popular customer review sites and ask these questions: 

  • Where is the provider’s support team located? Are they local to you?
  • Does the provider handle their support? Or will they outsource their customer care to someone else? 
  • When previous customers have interacted with the provider’s support team, did they have a good experience? Or are you seeing horror stories about being put on hold, ignored, or receiving support that didn’t solve their problem? 

Bonus Round: Does your GPS fleet tracking provider offer these solutions? 

  • Partner integrations. If you already have tracking systems that work well for you, you will want to know if your prospective provider can facilitate seamless integration. Ask about their system integrations or whether they have an open application programming interface (API). 
  • Helpful hardware and accessories. If you already have all the tools you need, great! If you don’t, look for a provider that can function as a one-stop shop for upgrading your GPS fleet tracking system with dashcams and more.
  • A  intuitive but easy-to-use interface. Managing your fleet requires enough brainpower. You want to know that the tech you use daily is easy to navigate. Get a demo for the dashboard or app to see whether it feels manageable. 

Partnering with a Top-Tier GPS Fleet Tracking Provider Is Worth the Research

If you’re interested in improving your operations, banishing your blind spots, and boosting your bottom line, you need to leverage GPS fleet tracking solutions that work. At ClearPathGPS, we’re proud to provide comprehensive tools and a team you can trust. Our top-rated GPS fleet tracking solutions help you use real-time data insights and tools to more effectively manage the vehicles, people, and assets you send into the field every single day.

Ready to start a conversation with our friendly, motivated team? Let’s talk: Request a demo today!

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At ClearPathGPS, we are focused on helping our customers improve their operations and bottom line. Our top-rated GPS fleet tracking solutions provide real-time data insights and tools needed to more effectively manage the vehicles, people, and assets businesses send into the field every day. Can ClearPathGPS help your operations get better results? Let’s find out – request a demo or contact us today!

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