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GPS Tracking Devices on Generators Deployed to Hurricane

Santa Barbara Company Heading to Help With Hurricane Florence

gps-equipment-tracking-devices-after-hurricane-florenceCastro’s Cleaning owner, Juan Castro, is bringing assets to Florida to help with Hurricane Michael, as well. He reports, “I have been in Florida for more than a few days now. It is really bad and I have not even been to the hardest hit area yet. Being prepared and able to help others in their time of need is very important. Please consider donating to the people of Florida. They need lots of help!”

The massive Category 4 Hurricane Florence caused so much damage when it smashed into North Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland that it left millions of people without power. One big worry in disasters like these is that the areas without power will include municipal services like hospitals and police stations.

That’s why we at ClearPathGPS are proud to know that one of our clients, Castro’s Cleaning & Restoration, is bringing help to make sure those all-important services stay up and running throughout the crisis. And we’re extremely proud that we’ll be helping, too.

With ClearPathGPS equipment tracking devices, Castro’s can confidently leave their generators in the hurricane-ravaged region.

The Castro’s team got an urgent call to deploy their fleet of industrial generators ahead of the storm. They knew they would need a rugged and reliable GPS tracking devices to support the project, and fast. After getting a recommendation from another ClearPathGPS client, owner Juan Castro called us and his entire fleet of generators was up and running in less than 24 hours with ClearPathGPS tracking devices on each of their 300kVA generators and vehicles.

Here’s their plan.

The California-based Castro’s staff trucked those generators across the country on trailers to get them as close to Hurricane Florence as possible. After the storm passed, those generators were deployed to mission-critical municipal service locations left without power in Wilmington, NC—such as hospitals and facilities for first responders and law enforcement. The region will probably need those generators for at least a month or two.

And because they’re equipped with GPS tracking devices, Castro’s generators will be continually sending updates back to their home office across the country and recording the engines’ hours of operation.

Which means that these asset trackers will be helping Castro’s in three ways:

  1. They’ll keep an accurate record of the assets’ time on site and engine hours worked—which will make billing much easier and less time-consuming for Castro’s.
  2. They’ll establish proof of the extended period these generators are spending in North Carolina, where taxes and fees are much lower than in California where the generators are normally stationed. This will provide a big savings in the company’s operational costs.
  3. They’ll give the Castro’s team peace of mind, because the GPS tracking devices let the company monitor their generators at all times. That means they’ll always know their generators are safe, operationally healthy, and where they’re supposed to be—even though they’re across the country.

Cheers to our friends at Castro’s Cleaning & Restoration! You’re doing mission-critical work, and we’re proud to be supporting you.

Protect your company’s assets with GPS tracking devices.

Of course, sending generators across the US to help out in a disaster zone isn’t the only reason to equip your trailers, generators, compressors, or other expensive assets with GPS tracking devices.

You might just want to protect those important assets from theft, or to give your dispatchers a better sense of where your assets are at any moment—in case a job comes in requiring one of those assets ASAP.

At ClearPathGPS we help field service businesses—including landscaping companiesplumbersroofers, HVAC businesses, and more—improve their operations and improve their bottom lines. To learn more about how businesses like Castro’s Cleaning benefit from the ClearPathGPS fleet tracking solutions, contact us today